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Remed Assistance will help you in more ways than you think

September 2020

Vehicle breakdown or accident. Remed Assistance will help you in more ways than you think.

Drawn by holiday hotspots, charming towns and spectacular scenery, many foreign visitors travel independently through Turkey’s vast landscape using their own vehicles. 

Cars typically used for daily commuting, school runs, or shopping now face the challenge of distance, an increased number of passengers and a lot of luggage.

Campervans from across Europe aim for Turkey as their final destination.

So, what happens when the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident?

Explaining the approach needed to look after people and their vehicles when a spike is hammered into their holiday plans, Remed’s Director of Operations, Kemal BAYKAN, sets the scene: 
“Invariably, the first call for help is to get a vehicle recovery company to attend promptly, either to fix the problem at the roadside or tow to a competent repairer. However, being far from home, other challenges can be experienced by the driver and passengers, which demands a more comprehensive and problem-solving approach. It is not just about fixing vehicles. It is about mobility. And, it is not just about mobility; it is also about the inconvenience. And, it is not just about inconvenience; it is about complete solutions.”

A trusted provider to motor and travel insurance companies within Turkey, Remed is also a long-established partner of the global assistance alliance, the International Assistance Group. Fellow partner organisations within the group, from across the World, call on Remed to arrange quality focussed solutions for their customers. Attention to cost-effective management of each element helps to ensure that any financial limits are not rapidly exhausted at a time of need. And, those partner organisations serve a multitude of client groups such as motoring organisations, the motor industry, motor insurers and travel operators.

Why is Remed selected?

Being far from home, time-consuming fixes at a garage can be a nightmare irrespective of whether you are travelling or already at your destination. So, car rental, hotel accommodation, taxi and other travel services are necessary components delivered by a tested network that serves all in-bound travellers, irrespective of their method of travel.

Of course. Remed’s 24/7 alarm centre calls out help at the roadside, arranges recovery, books emergency accommodation and arranges on-ward transportation. But there is a lot more for a complete solution.
Helping to navigate through Turkey’s judicial and administrative processes in the event of an accident are Remed’s first-response legal advisors. They can call upon lawyers to physically support clients with personal representation where needed.

Also, over the phone is a team to provide counselling where events impact mental well-being. This is one element which is a natural extension to the medical assistance services provided to travel insurance companies, globally. 

As for pets, they are not left out. Remed’s specialist veterinary hotline provides a needed starting point in animal care and welfare, far from home.

The crucial need to deliver a wide-ranging assistance approach is intensified with electric or hybrid vehicles.  Turkey’s infrastructure of charging points and authorised repairers mirrors a slow domestic uptake. Consequently, foreign visitors with electric or hybrid vehicles may face longer delays in immediate solutions or repairs compared with traditional engines.  

Personal injury to driver and occupants are the most traumatic events experienced.  Remed’s international medical assistance team carefully oversees any medical treatment or admission to a hospital.  Expert advice and intervention are available 24/7  from an on-site team of doctors and nurses. Their close links with all significant medical facilities across Turkey regularly helps international visitors. In the most challenging situations, also arranging and managing air ambulance repatriations and supporting travel companions.