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An analysis about today’s assistance sector

October 2020

For over 27 years, as Remed, we have looked after the travel assistance needs of those coming into Turkey, as well as Turks who venture across the globe, for business or leisure. We achieved through the long-established relationships with hospitals gained over many years in assisting the travel insurance market. With our 24/7 alarm center calls out help from insureds; we arrange recovery, book emergency accommodation, a-house call doctor, and arrange on-ward transportation, whatever they need. 
As an assistance company we provide assistance services both on a global and national scale. We have been experiencing that customer satisfaction has become more important as a key concept that brings competitive advantage under rapidly changing circumstances due to technological developments. As Remed Assistance, we place customer satisfaction and human-touch in the centre of our activities to ensure competitive advantage for our partners. A new era begins in the market with pandemic where those two concepts have become vital as well as digitalization. Inevitably, we are going to see in coming days, demand for online services and digital process to manage the claim will escalate. In this sense, it is not wrong to say that assistance will gain importance by pioneering role in innovative products. An approach that prioritizes customer, channel and employee experience will be key to reaching for success in the long run.  

Assistance sector is one of the most prominent sectors in such crisis periods, it is vital that the insured experience the right service at the exact moment they need. Therefore, any kind of problems, disruptions in service which are caused by infrastructure are not acceptable for us. Led by suggestions of our Medical Board, as we mentioned before end of January, we have strengthened our infrastructure in terms of business processes and IT tools to be able to work from home. When the quarantine time hit, we were fully ready to work from home with our three alarm centers. 

Just like the most parts of the globe, pandemic caused economic recession, huge impact on tourism, due to quarantines and restrictions increased rate in unemployment. Pandemic teaches us a lot such as how to improve our agility, adaptation capability, come up with new ideas, different ways to do business and protect our values even in dark times. We’ve seen our strong and weak points and took necessary actions in order to be ready for next challenges. 

The assistance sector is the aspect of insurance companies that touches their policyholders in the field. In this sense, even if the insurance company did everything right in the customer journey, a mistake made by the assistance company while touching the customer directly affects the customer satisfaction and loyalty of the insurance company. We are present in the field both on our behalf and on behalf of the insurance companies we work with. 

The need to provide the right service at the right time, which is the core responsibility of the assistance, becomes even more important in extraordinary crisis periods. This pandemic crisis has shown that the responsibility on the shoulders of assistance increases even more in such periods.  The insurance industry is a sector based entirely on trust. From this point of view, I can say that the correct provision of assistance services covered by insurance policies is vital. It is inevitable that the customer who gets the promised service in the best way develops brand loyalty.